16 Photos Tourists Need To Stop Taking

Admit it, you’ve done at least one of these.

16. Kissing the Sphinx

Dryest. Lips. Ever.

ID: 1086922

15. Falling into the Grand Canyon

This one is pretty well executed, but many others pale in comparison.

ID: 1088368

14. Fondling the Wall Street Bull

Wash your hands.

ID: 1088324

13. Blending in with the Terracotta Warriors

Betcha wouldn’t do this if they were real warriors.

ID: 1087323

12. Doing the Rocky Balboa

In no way is this shot a knock-out.

ID: 1087336

11. Pinching the Taj Mahal

We get it, it looks like a boob.

ID: 1086930

10. Mimicking Christ the Redeemer


Unless you’re Usain Bolt.

ID: 1088148

9. Using a British phone booth

Erin Chack

We know you have a cellphone, you’re not fooling anyone.

ID: 1087229

8. Rubbing Buddha’s belly

Perhaps this will bring you better luck with your photography.

ID: 1087386

7. Imitating the Royal Guard

At least he has as nice view.

ID: 1087110

6. Posing like the Statue of Liberty

Mary Altaffer / AP

You’re free to do what you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s original.

ID: 1088149

5. Treating the Washington Monument like a penis

You wish.

ID: 1087125

This goes for ladies too.

ID: 1088185

4. Walking across Abbey Road

Bad when you do it, even worse when One Direction does it.

ID: 1088285

3. Holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa

Omg you’re so strong.

ID: 1086925

2. “Walking like an Egyptian” / Via http://Max%20Nepstad

Offensive to the people of Egypt who walk just fine, thank you very much.

ID: 1087295

1. Eiffel-towering at the Eiffel Tower


ID: 1087030

Got any goofy tourist photos of your own? Add them below!

ID: 1088589

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