26 People You Wish Were Your Co-Workers

Calling all the Jim Halperts of the world.

1. These handsy people:

2. This enthusiastic gluer:

3. This dessert purist:

4. Whoever added this fake note to the coffee maker:

5. This condiment artist:

6. This cake troll:

7. This licensed hussy:

8. This bathroom interpreter:

9. The namer of this copy machine:

Flickr: fryandtricky / Via fryandtricky

10. Whoever was the story behind this sign:

11. This passive-aggressive note leaver:

12. These festive birthday wishers:

13. And these even more festive birthday wishers:

14. These totally serious workers:

15. This creative genius:

16. This optimist:

17. This lumberjack:

18. This Cage troll:

19. This creative labeler:

20. These good-time guys:

21. This goofy vandal:

22. This person who feels right at home in their cubicle:

23. These selfless Google employees:

24. These analog pranksters:

25. The owner of this mouse:

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