21 Penguins That Are More Awkward Than You

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Just remember; these penguins have it worse.

1. “Shit, shit. Did anyone see that?”

ID: 1757876

2. “I’m really glad we started this jogging group so I didn’t have to do this alone.”

ID: 1757880

3. “Maybe if I bob along with the music no one will ask me to dance.”

ID: 1757883

4. *Hums quietly to himself*

ID: 1757884

5. “I wish I could move like Shakira.”

ID: 1757890

6. “I forgot my towel, don’t look at me!”

ID: 1757889

7. “Welp, see ya tomorrow then.”

ID: 1757891

8. “Watch me dive, you guys!”

ID: 1757894

9. “Crap—sorry—after you!”

ID: 1757898

10. “Nothing to see here.”

ID: 1757899

11. “Ice cream truck!”

ID: 1757903

12. “WhoOPSY-DAISY!”

ID: 1757942

13. “Hahaha, can’t catch me! OOF!”

ID: 1757946

14. “Oh, BALLS.”

ID: 1757947

15. “I swear, this is how they do it in Europe. My cousin told me.”

ID: 1757948

16. “Damn these weak ankles!”

ID: 1757950

17. “La la la laaaAAH la la la…”

ID: 1757951

18. “This sure is a bumpy subway car…”

ID: 1757954

19. “Whoa, didn’t see you there, guy. My bad!”

ID: 1757978

20. “Ummphh, mmphh…there we go.”

ID: 1757981

21. “Guys? Where is everyone going?”

ID: 1757988

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