21 Oddly Satisfying GIFs You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching

Why do these feel so good? Via Reddit.

1. Yeah! Cut that dough!

ID: 2621644

2. Slice that paper, you sharp little knife, you!

ID: 2621753

3. Fit that joint! Fit it!

ID: 2621760

4. R! R! R! R!

ID: 2621764

5. Make that bowl! Make it all night long!

ID: 2621470

6. Yeah, candle! Burn!

ID: 2621861

7. Smash, bullet! Smash like your little life depends on it!

ID: 2621872

8. Yeah, roll it up. Roll that ice cream UP!

ID: 2621890

9. YIP!

ID: 2622387


ID: 2622440

11. Damn, pen! Keep writing!

ID: 2622213

12. I’ve never felt this way towards a frisbee before.

ID: 2622501

13. Yeah, pop tarts. Do it!

ID: 2622513

14. Solder my heart. Solder it good.

ID: 2622647

15. Twiiiiiiiist, pretzel. TWIST! TWIST!

ID: 2622626

16. OMG!

ID: 2622693

17. Paper airplane, you are a rascal.

ID: 2622683

18. Yes, frisbee! Get it!

ID: 2622765

19. Don’t you ever stop, pasta!

ID: 2622757

20. Slice that paper like it deserves to be sliced!

ID: 2622781

21. WOOO!!!

ID: 2623137

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