22 Little Surprises That Make Any Day Better

Small victories!

1. When you wake up thinking you’re late for work and then realize it’s Saturday

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2. When someone cancels that thing you were dreading going to.

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3. When you forgot you still have beer left and then you open the fridge and there it is.

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4. When your iPod is on shuffle and it magically plays all your favorite songs.

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5. When you get home and your dog acts like he was never going to see you again.

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6. When you find an awesome old picture of yourself that you forgot existed.

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7. When something you were buying rings up at a lower price than you expected.

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8. When you get home and your roommate ordered pizza and there’s enough for you.

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9. When you go to the bathroom in a new place and the stalls go all the way to the floor.

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10. When you find money in your pocket that you didn’t know you had.

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11. When you get to the platform and your train is just pulling up.

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12. FREE SAMPLES! Especially when you could use a little snack.

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13. When you get mail and it’s not a bill.

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14. When you get in the car and your favorite song is just starting.

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15. When you get a text that makes you belly laugh.

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16. When you get through multiple online videos without a single advertisement interrupting your flow.

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17. When you work hard and your bosses notice.

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18. When you get an unexpected follower on social media.

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19. When your favorite old TV show is on marathon all day.

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20. When you’re wearing a new outfit and people notice.

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21. When you make an unexpected connection with an attractive stranger.

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22. Really, any day you can make it through without catastrophe is a good day.

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