21 Kids Who Are Too Literal For Their Own Good

These young students are going places. Maybe not college, but places.

1. You never said “label the quadrilaterals.”

2. Technically this is a brief explanation.

3. Maybe you should have said “order these words alphabetically.”

4. This prompt was rather presumptuous, wouldn’t you say?

5. What? Did you mean geographically?

6. What are you really teaching here?

7. Isn’t that the same thing?

8. < just following directions >

9. A cell isn’t a cell without iron bars. That is important.

10. Repeat after me…

12. Never say die. Unless you’re Warren.

13. This really is the most efficient way.

14. I mean, look at that haircut…

15. Truer words have never been spoken.

16. This is a very legitimate reason to be thankful.

17. You literally just said it!

18. It’s not not right.

19. Perhaps you marked this wrong for personal reasons.

20. How clearer can someone be?

21. Only six? Easy…

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