24 Images That Will Ruin "Blue’s Clues" For You

Hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand childhoods shattering. (NSFW language).

1. This off-putting cultural misappropriation.

ID: 1734241

2. And this oddly charming cultural misappropriation.

ID: 1734296

3. Twerking, of course.

ID: 1734272

4. This vague drug reference.

ID: 1737857

5. This less vague drug reference.

ID: 1738219

6. This blatant drug reference.

ID: 1737409

7. These suggestive scenes taken out of context…

ID: 1734281

8. That seem kind of creepy…

ID: 1737363

9. When they’re not accompanied by…

ID: 1737501

10. An innocent storyline.

ID: 1737502

11. This completely innocent scene given explicit sexual context.

ID: 1734280

12. …The kind of sexually explicit context you can’t unsee.

ID: 1734268

13. Any alternative episode suggestion.

ID: 1737368

16. This moment of self realization.

ID: 1737361

17. This moment of self pity.

ID: 1734293

18. And this moments of self…you fill in the blank.

ID: 1737352

19. Steve’s general angst.

ID: 1734270

20. This convincing Photoshop.

ID: 1737369

21. This even more impressive Photoshop.

ID: 1738099

22. And this less impressive work, too.

ID: 1738089

23. This strangely alarming development.

ID: 1737388

24. And this honest and fascinating account of what it was like being Steve From Blue’s Clues.

ID: 1739668

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