The Only Way To Wear Denim

Is to wear more denim.

1. When wearing denim, always add more denim.


Here’s Michael Jordan enthusiastically modeling an all-denim ensamble.

ID: 1166996

2. Take it up a notch by varying your washes. Via: Amelia Handscomb

Acid wash, stone wash, dark wash. Mix and match!

ID: 1167008

3. Look for unique pieces, like this embossed cat denim jacket.


ID: 1166989

4. Or create your own interesting pieces, like this Nicolas Cage/Crystal Pepsi denim jacket.

ID: 1166981

5. Really challenge yourself to find new places to wear denim, like on your head.

ID: 1166665

6. Or your feet.

ID: 1167318

7. Or on your hands.

ID: 1167691

8. No place is off-limits.

ID: 1166661

9. Just really go nuts.

Pun intended.

ID: 1167104

10. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, a little bedazzling goes a long way.

ID: 1167138

11. This is of course true for both men and women.

ID: 1167059

12. Not the embellish type? No problem! Denim goes great au naturel.

ID: 1167093

13. Denim’s best complement is, in fact, skin.

ID: 1166662

14. So you want to show as much of it as possible when creating your look.

ID: 1167426

15. Get creative! Show skin no one was expecting to see!

ID: 1167540

16. Formal events will require a little more coverage, though.

ID: 1167029

17. But that doesn’t mean you won’t look 100% red carpet ready!

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage
ID: 1166653

18. Listen, everyone looks great in jeans. Cats… / Via http://Joann%20Biondi
ID: 1167595

20. FOOD…

ID: 1167016

21. So why not wear ALL jeans ALL the time?

ID: 1166629

22. C’mon, you know you want to…

ID: 1178022

23. Fall in love with DENIM!

ID: 1178030

24. You won’t regret it!

ID: 1167745

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