36 Gifs That’ll Make You Say "Whoa"

“Whoa.” — You, after reading this post.

1. A tattoo needle in slow motion:

2. A baseball being crushed:

3. A clock that writes the time:

4. A helicopter’s blade frequency synchronized with a camera’s shutter speed:

5. A time lapse of tendrils finding support:

6. Blowing out multiple candles with a single burst of air:

7. A dog drinking water in slow motion:

8. A time lapse of a day in the arctic summer, when the sun does not set:

9. A pitcher throwing a breaking ball in slow motion:

10. A time lapse of fans leaving a stadium:

11. A mimic octopus camouflaging with its surrounding:

12. A secret backyard swimming pool:

13. A time lapse of braces straightening teeth:

14. Blood mixing with snake venom:

16. A spider crab molting its shell in one piece:

17. A neodymium magnet manipulating a television screen:

18. The formation of an enormous soap bubble:

19. A bisection of a key opening a lock:

20. A water drop bouncing on the surface of water in slow motion:

21. A drag racer’s tire:

22. A straight pole passing through a curved opening:

23. The movement on a perfectly shot soccer ball:

24. A tree falling during a storm:

25. A time lapse of a pinecone blooming:

26. Seven thousand fireworks accidentally being shot off at once:

27. A motorbike traveling across the surface of water:

28. A time lapse of a storm approaching a city:

29. Damien Walters running a full loop in slow motion:

30. The underside of a wave:

31. Cutting open a watermelon with rubber bands:

32. An orange peel versus an open flame:

33. The 13 circles that make up Twitter’s logo:

34. A way to skateboard up stairs:

35. A time lapse of an aging woman:

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