Everyday Struggles Of Living Gluten-Free

Bread: your worst enemy and most coveted desire.

1. Having this dream almost every night.

And waking up with a growling tummy.

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2. Getting social anxiety when eating at a new restaurant.

Hope the waiter studied for his pop quiz on all things gluten.

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3. Having to memorize the numbers of gluten-free takeout by heart.

No, it’s cool, you guys order pizza. I’m just gonna get some rice delivered.

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4. Answering the question, “Then what can you eat?”

Air. We eat air.

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5. Always having to bring your own drink to parties.


Permanent beer pong cheerleader.

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6. When you spend a bunch of money on gluten-free bread that turns out to be just crumbly crumbs.

And you have to eat your muffins with a spoon.

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7. Or 90% holes.

Is this some sort of sick joke?

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8. Never getting to partake in office treats.

@hmariedeyoung-"Does anyone want a cookie?...Besides Kylie." #glutenfreeproblems

— Kylie✌❤ (@Kylie_0117)



@hmariedeyoung-“Does anyone want a cookie?…Besides Kylie.” #glutenfreeproblems

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9. Correcting people who say you’re lucky to be gluten-free because it forces you to eat healthier.

Healthier, yeah. And a lot sadder.

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10. Being kind of over brown rice.

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11. Feeling strangely attracted to potatoes.


Your only friend in the world.

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12. Swallowing rage when people help themselves to your gluten-free snacks.


Thank you, I wasn’t aware gluten-free brownies tasted like chalk. Why don’t you go eat some bread to mask the taste.

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13. Avoiding Italian restaurants at all costs.


It’s like a gluten circus with a side of wheat clowns.

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14. Seeking comfort during difficult times.

Sometimes you just need to bury your face in a dozen of Dunkin’s finest and forget the world.

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15. Inevitably cheating…

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16. …and immediately regretting it.

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17. Hearing there’s a gluten-free option and finding out it’s just a salad.


No thanks, I had a salad for lunch. And breakfast.

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18. Speed-reading labels on the back of packaged food.

And spotting poison in two seconds flat.

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19. Feeling this at the dessert table at any wedding:

Thank god for Nutella, which you should start carrying in your back pocket in case of emergencies.

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20. Having an encyclopedic knowledge of which foods gluten can ninja itself into.


Sneaky, sneaky gluten.

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21. When people hear you’re gluten-free and say, “Your life must suck.”

Your attitude sucks, man.

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22. Respecting the difference between Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergy.


And people who just want to cut back.

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23. And realizing you’re not alone!


Let’s celebrate with some gluten-free cake.

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