24 Comics That Capture The Frustration Of Anxiety Disorders

For those who have dealt, are dealing, or simply want to learn more.

[Editors’ note: Anxiety affects everyone differently. These comics represent the experience of the artists and not necessarily the experiences of every person who deals with anxiety disorders. Anxiety is deeply personal, but we hope you find some solace in these comics.]

ID: 1754966

1. The way our restless minds consume us.

Art by Spencer of heymonster.tumblr.com

ID: 1752985

2. The unique experience of having a panic attack.

Art by Rachel Poulson.

ID: 1753012

3. The seemingly superhuman power our minds has over us.

Art by Natalie Dee.

ID: 1752757

4. How little things can add up.

Art by trixibelle.tumblr.com.

ID: 1753931

5. Our weird ways of coping.

Art by Beth Evans.

ID: 1753970

6. The way anxiety becomes a constant companion.

Art by Claire Jarvis.

ID: 1753984

7. The difficulty of communicating our anxiety to others.

Art by boggletheowl.tumblr.com.

ID: 1754031

8. The way the littlest things can feel like huge accomplishments.


Art by Beth Evans.

ID: 1755192

9. The hard truth that it’s not something we can run away from.

Art by Claire Jarvis.

ID: 1754934

10. The constant worry that we’re the only ones who think about the big questions.

Art by Kate Leth.

ID: 1754085

11. The way anxiety can keep us from reaching our potential.

Art by Beth Evans.

ID: 1754086

12. The crippling overanalysis of everyday interactions.

Art by socialanxietycomics.wordpress.com.

ID: 1754234

13. The fear.

Art by L.B.

ID: 1754261

14. How anxiety stops us from being social.

Art by Sam Brown.

ID: 1754284

15. The unfortunate fact that anxiety can strike at any given second.

Art by Cassian.

ID: 1754421

16. The way anxiety interferes with our ability to exist normally.

Art by virtualgirlfriend.tumblr.com.

ID: 1754508

17. The different forms anxiety can take.

Art by Bethany Rose.

ID: 1754537

18. The art of giving ourselves credit for the smallest victories.

ID: 1754557

19. The terror of owning up to our anxiety.

Art by Nervous Comics.

ID: 1754574

20. How anxiety manifests itself physically.

Art by Nervous Comics.

ID: 1754626

21. The way anxiety can overshadow the positive aspects of our lives.


Art by Elena of elena-the-alter-ego.tumblr.com.

ID: 1754664

22. The endless cycles.

Art by ourlittlehappyplace.tumblr.com.

ID: 1754743

23. The inescapable discomfort.

Art by Sean Clark.

ID: 1755032

24. And the constant feeling of being out of control.

Art by everybodyhasabrain.tumblr.com.

ID: 1754802

But there’s also the comfort in knowing we’re not alone.

ID: 1755061

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