22 Birds With Arms

Because internet. Via /r/birdswitharms.

1. “And a one, and a two…”

By Felfriast.

2. “Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!”

By Felfriast.

3. “You like THAT?”

By thebastion.

4. “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

By Nivlek273.

5. “Aaaand MINE.”

By mobuco.

6. “You picked the wrong owl, buddy.”

By mobuco.

7. *Whistles pleasantly to self*

By Felfriast.

8. “Love a good train ride.”

By kdar.


By sirkyle.

10. “Hey Bill. Yep, just trimming the hedges.”

By Felfriast.

12. “You look lost, pal.”

By RockFlagAndEagleGold.

14. “Did someone here order a pizza?”

By Dr_Sanvich.

15. *Evil laughter*

By Felfriast.

16. “Winter is coming.”

By netwoodle.

17. “More pepper?”

By Felfriast.

18. “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous…”

By Felfriast.

19. “Oh my god. Is that a FIRE SALE?”

By haydaw.

20. “Hrmph. Tourists.”

By searine.

21. “Aw, yeah. That’s the spot.”

By mobuco.

22. “What? Never seen a bird with arms before?”

By BrazilianHobo.

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