19 Better Ways To Crack Open A Beer

Really there’s no wrong way to open a cold one as long as you get to drink it after. Cheers to creativity!

1. On your motorcycle.

What’s more important: your beer or your tires? Exactly.

2. WITH your motorcycle.

Just like a loose tooth.

3. Like a soccer star.


Warning: may require amazing skillzzz.

4. With a frisbee.

Your frat brothers will cheer wildly, guaranteed.

5. When there’s little time to spare.

Years of practice, baby.

6. When there’s no time to spare.

So satisfying.

7. With your fist.


Step one: become awesome. Step two: punch your beer open.

8. Like a lumberjack.


What were you using your chainsaw for? TREES?

9. With your toothbrush.


It’s the most important step in your daily hygiene regimen.

10. With your feet.



11. With your teeth.

“Don’t! Do! This! In! Real! Life!” —Dentists everywhere.

12. Like Happy Gilmore.


More like Happy Drinkmore, am I right?

13. With a little help from your homeboy.


~ExTrEmE dRiNkInG~

14. Or your number one fan.

What better way to spend a hot day than with a cold beer and a fan?

15. With heavy machinery.


After a long day’s work, of course.

16. With your eye.

Lol who needs eyes, anyway?

17. Use your skateboard, dude.

Tricks on tricks.

18. Apparently any body part, if it’s a twist top.


But your hand is probably your best bet.

19. With a frickin’ ROCKET.

The sky’s the limit!

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