An Ode To Old Dogs

Things that are better with age: wine, leather, and DOGS.

1. First thing’s first: Old dogs are THE CUTEST DOGS.

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2. They always look so distinguished, so wise.

ID: 3434239

3. Or totally derped out, which is still adorable.

ID: 3434086

4. Old dogs are way chill. They always seem to appreciate the little things, like the sun on their face.

ID: 3433366

5. Or the sun on their bellies.

ID: 3433369

6. Or the sun, in general.

ID: 3434234

7. Old dogs are down for anything.

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8. They don’t care if you want to turn them into a unicorn. They’ve seen it all, my friend.

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9. They don’t care if you want to use their head as a cup holder. They’ve got no place else to be.

ID: 3433336

10. They don’t care if you sit on ‘em like a couch. They’re not too proud. Pride is for pups.

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11. Old dogs have been sweetened by years and years of love.

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12. They’ll hang out in the Barbie fort you made them because they realize it’s important to you.

ID: 3434495

13. They’ll wear a dorky birthday hat because they know it makes you happy.

ID: 3433328

14. They’ll even rock the sweater you knitted for them. They saw how long it took you to make.

ID: 3433361

15. Old dogs make the best companions.

ID: 3434997

16. They’re not distracted by normal dog activities. They just want to hang with you.

ID: 3434525

17. Or sleep. They’re really great at sleeping.

ID: 3434094

18. But old dogs are still puppies at heart.

ID: 3434431

19. At least they still think they’re puppies.

ID: 3435003

20. Really old, adorable puppies.

ID: 3435005

21. (Just let them think they’re puppies. It benefits everyone.)

ID: 3434990

22. It doesn’t matter to old dogs if they can’t walk.

ID: 3433406

23. Or see.

ID: 3434502


ID: 3435407

26. And they can love.

ID: 3434505

27. You can keep your puppies. Just give me a smiling gray-faced dog.

ID: 3442405

28. Because old dogs are the best dogs.

ID: 3435753

29. Have you hugged an old dog today?

ID: 3441456

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