A Breakdown Of Hugh Jackman’s Latest TwitPic

The X-Men actor tweeted a photo of himself dead lifting an immense amount of weight, but the photo becomes even more insane the longer you stare at it.

Here’s the original tweet:

Hugh Jackman


If the bar ain’t bendin, then you’re just pretendin #xmen #daysoffuturepast

ID: 1440007

1. First of all, the bar is indeed bending.

So, holy shit and all that.

ID: 1440214

2. His body is the color of a summer ripe tomato.


Which obviously works on him, because he’s Hugh Jackman.

ID: 1440649

3. He’s making the “Y U NO” face.


As in, “Y U NO put that weight down, dude? Looks heavy.”

ID: 1440711

4. His chest is literally frowning from the pain.



ID: 1440787

5. This isn’t a vein it’s a tunnel the government built that allows his awesomejuice to travel throughout his body.

Common misconception.

ID: 1440934

6. He’s doing all this without breaking eye contact with his trainer.


If I were his trainer, I’d be shitting my pants right about now. Wolverine, eye lock, dead lift, run.

ID: 1441016

7. These neon toe shoes


are perfect.

ID: 1441508

8. And in case you were wondering, he’s lifting approximately 460 lbs.

According to these astute Redditors.

ID: 1441039

9. Which is roughly the equivalent of four Shakiras.

Just so we’re clear.

ID: 1441370

So is Hugh Jackman Wolverine? Or is Wolverine Hugh Jackman?

You be the judge. I’m too scared.

ID: 1441441

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