24 Objects Who Are People Too

Pareidolia (parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) — the psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as something else. Via Reddit’s brilliant subreddit.

1. This motorized scooter is so happy it’s Friiiday.

ID: 3070496

2. This onion is plotting your demise.

ID: 3070860

3. This broccoli heard what you said about vegetables, and it doesn’t like it.

ID: 3070865

4. This wall panel is so thankful he has hands.

ID: 3070866

5. This plug is very unsubtly hitting on you.

ID: 3070871

6. And this charger wouldn’t mind if you’d kindly REMOVE THE PLUG FROM HIS EYE.

ID: 3070878

7. This little cookie thinks the sun shines out your ass.

ID: 3070889

8. And these bags of mulch don’t trust what that shovel is up to.

ID: 3070891

9. Can someone please get this pepper a tissue? He’s about to sneeze!

ID: 3070894

10. These machines are wiser than you’d think.

ID: 3070897

11. This telescope never gets tired of the view up here.

ID: 3070900

12. This pair of pants is veeeery suspicious of your intentions.

ID: 3070908

13. This stick is psyched to be alive!

ID: 3070912

14. This sink can’t believe how JUICY that gossip was.

ID: 3070916

15. This grill just thought of the most evil prank for April Fools’ Day.

ID: 3071014

16. This car compartment can’t believe how HUNGRY he is.

ID: 3071028

17. This church hopes you like his new mustache. He’s feeling a little self conscious about it.

ID: 3071033

18. “MUAHAHAHAHA” — This slipper.

ID: 3071065

19. This corn kernel can’t believe how lucky she is to be apart of this burrito!

ID: 3071074

20. This switch has two fingers he wants you to see.

ID: 3071089

21. This metal plate will catch up with you guys in a minute, he’s just gotta catch his breath.

ID: 3071093

22. These red shirts are just resting their eyes.

ID: 3071133

23. This box is paying his respects to all the pizzas who are about to get eaten.

ID: 3071097

24. It’s this shell’s first time at the beach and she is just speechless.

ID: 3071082

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