17 Reasons Raccoons Should Be Your Favorite Animal

Take the masks off your eyes, friends. Accept raccoons into your heart.

1. Raccoons are excellent mechanics.

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2. They enjoy occasional calisthenics.

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3. Cleanliness is their number one priority.

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4. Raccoons always share their popcorn.

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5. They look amazing in hats. That’s a fact.

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6. And they’re always so apologetic.

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7. Raccoons will never get mad if you tell them they run funny. They think they run funny too.

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8. Same goes for the way they hop.

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9. All raccoons are hopeless romantics.

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10. They play a mean air synth.

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11. Raccoons look death in the face every day. And you know what they do? They laugh.

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12. Or they cuddle it into submission. Whatever’s easiest.

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13. Raccoons are amazing athletes.

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14. They’re risk-takers.

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15. They’re loyal.

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16. And they have impeccable table manners.

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17. So what are you waiting for? JUST LET THEM LOVE YOU.

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