John Green Reveals “The Fault In Our Stars” Could Have Had A Very, Very Different Ending

Instead of all of the tears, you could have had… narco-terrorists! Spoiler alerts, obviously.

1. In a recent interview, John Green talked about the “epically terrible” ending he originally wrote for The Fault in Our Stars.

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Here’s the breakdown Green shared with Nat Wolff (who plays Isaac in the movie) standing by: “[After Augustus dies], Hazel and Van Houten decide that they want to honor Augustus by finding a way to die in a sacrificial way that reflects something about who he was, and so they decide they were going to find a drug lord and kill him even though they themselves will die in a hail of bullets from all of the security around the drug lord.”

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2. Like all of us, Wolff couldn’t believe Green was telling the truth. But he says this really happened!

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Green says sent his editor a draft with that ending. She read it, then called him and said, “The last 40 pages, I can’t tell if you’re kidding.”

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3. Thankfully he eventually wrote the (heartbreaking) ending we all know and love.

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4. Watch the whole thing here:

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