A "Hocus Pocus" Manicure Is The Only Costume Your Nails Need

Get out your booOOOOOoook of nail tricks and try your hand at these Sanderson sister-approved designs.

1. If you’re feeling fancy, you can go all-out and pay tribute to a different part of the movie on each nail.

ID: 1849375

2. Longer nails mean you can add in the iconic Sanderson sister hairdos, plus a wick for their candle.

ID: 1845030

3. You can get abstract and use the patterns of the sisters’ corsets, like this:

ID: 1845065

4. Or this.

ID: 1858301

5. Or you can paint vibrant scenes.

ID: 1858302

6. And detailed renderings of the sisters’ expressions.

ID: 1858300
ID: 1851888

8. You could go for the all-natural look, like Winifred…

ID: 1862585

9. Or get inspired by Billy Butcherson’s zombie face.

ID: 1862607

10. Thackery Binx black cat nails are purr-fect.

ID: 1862634

11. It doesn’t matter if your nails are long…

ID: 1858299

12. …or short.

ID: 1845019

13. Even if you’re not up for a complex design, you can still show your “Hocus Pocus” love.

ID: 1858297

14. Winifred approves!

ID: 1858373

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