21 DIY Emergency Preparedness Hacks

Hurricane Sandy is here. How many everlasting Crisco candles have you got on hand?

1. Strap a headlamp onto a water jug to make a light.

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4. Stock up on batteries and keep them organized and protected from water damage.

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5. Convert AAA batteries to AA batteries with tin foil.

Get directions at Lifehacker

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6. Coat windows with vinegar-water solution to hinder frost.

Use a solution of three parts white distilled vinegar to one part water.

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7. Pack an emergency preparedness kit for your pet.

Include a towel, food, water, an extra food dish, a leash, a toy, and any medicine.

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8. Protect important documents.

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9. This includes a list of phone numbers that you might not have memorized anymore because of cell phones.

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10. Store matches in a mason jar with a strikable lid.

Get directions here

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11. Make an electricity-free refrigerator.

Get directions from GIzmodo

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12. Keep flashlights in smart places.

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14. Make a freezer-fail detector.

It can be hard to know if your power went out while you were on vacation. If it did, your food might not be safe. Fill a jar halfway with water then freeze on its side. Put the jar upright before you leave and take note if the water has melted and refrozen to find out.

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15. Learn how to properly deal with human waste when you lose water.

Information here

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16. Make firestarter balls out of dryer lint and petroleum jelly.

Get directions here

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17. Build a tiny stove out of tin cans.

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18. Keep 100 gallons of clean water in your tub with a WaterBob.

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19. Know what needs to take up space in your fridge and what doesn’t.

Download a food storage chart here

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20. Learn How to Use the Internet When the Internet Is Gone

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21. Hide an emergency supply of chocolate in your storm kit.

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