17 Best Salt Pigs That Are Actually Shaped Like Pigs

That headline is a trick because all salt pigs shaped like pigs are the best.

1. A salt pig is a little dish that holds salt.

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2. But it’s not just any old dish. It’s a hooded dish with a big round opening.

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3. This is important because you can reach in there and get salt easily.

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4. You should probably be salting practically everything you cook,

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5. …so if your salt is in a cabinet somewhere, you’re doing it wrong.

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6. They aren’t named that because they look like a pig. That’s a dumb way to get a name.

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7. They’re named because the word “pig” in an old Scottish dialect means earthenware jar or pot. And that’s a badass way to get a name.

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8. The hooded part helps keep moisture out of your salt…

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9. …or at least they do if you get a proper earthenware one with an interior made of unglazed ceramic that absorbs moisture.

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10. Their “hood” keeps dust and other stuff out of your salt.

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11. Also they aren’t always shaped like pigs.

Oops. That one’s a cat. HOW DID THAT GET IN HERE.

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12. But when they are, it’s really great.

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Adorable curly tail handle!

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