Why Andrew Garfield Should Have The Happiest Birthday Ever

Today is this beautiful man’s birthday. Let’s celebrate with a plethora of him.

1. I honestly don’t think it’s possible that you could get any better than your 29-year-old self??

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2. It’s absolutely certain you’ll age better than George Clooney.

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3. Not to mention, you’ll be way more adorable.

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4. I mean, are you even aware of how good you look?

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5. Your beauty is distracting — even strangers want to touch your magnificent face.

Raymond Hall / WireImage / Getty Images
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6. There’s just something about you, that accent. The hair, maybe?

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7. How does one celebrate the birthday of a perfect man?

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8. We can dance the night away, shall we?

ID: 1534127

10. Feel free to do your thing, whatever this may be.

ID: 1534139

11. Does that sound fabulous!?

ID: 1533368

13. Oh, stop it. I couldn’t possibly.

ID: 1534155

14. Oh, OK, wow. You meant cake, didn’t you. You were talking about cake.

ID: 1534183
ID: 1534200

16. Right, because it’s your birthday. I forgot for a second.

ID: 1533452

17. Another year has passed, Andrew. I hope all of your wishes and my wishes come true.

ID: 1534229

18. May your birthday be filled with lots of very lovely things…

ID: 1534246

20. Happy birthday to you, Andrew Garfield, you sexy beast!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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