A Fight Broke Out Between Jon Stewart And The Cast Of “Anchorman 2”

Moral of the story: Don’t touch other people’s fruit plates.

1. The whole thing started when Will Ferrell tried to eat the pineapple intended for Steve Carrell.

ID: 2171740

2. Jon Stewart mentioned he had those handpicked from Chile, specifically for Steve, which Will completely ignored.

ID: 2171750

3. They passed around the one wine glass and Jon said he wanted to rip Paul Rudd’s ageless face off.

ID: 2171760

4. Will decided he couldn’t take anymore and began passing Jon’s favorite belongings out to the audience.

ID: 2171766

5. It ended with chairs on top of a desk and Jon yelling to the ceiling. The end.

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6. Watch this super intense moment go down here.

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Via The Daily Show
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