This Is What Mariah Carey Looks Like Before And After Photoshop

The images were obtained by Jezebel. They show the extent of digital retouching.

1. These GIFs of Mariah Carey, obtained exclusively by Jezebel, have got everybody talking.

The unretouched images come from a photoshoot for Wonderland magazine, shot by Terry Richardson.

ID: 3395805

2. The first shot shows her in a black dress where her waistline has been slimmed down, her whole body bronzed and creases removed from her arms, legs and neck.

Jezebel / Via
ID: 3395828

3. Another image shows how Mariah’s breasts have been made bigger, her waist and stomach slimmed down and her jawline brought in.

Jezebel / Via
ID: 3395843

4. In another, Mariah’s hair and makeup has been retouched, and her waist, breasts and skin tone have been altered too.

Jezebel / Via
ID: 3395854

5. The final image shows how virtually all of Mariah’s body has been slimmed down - including her wrists, stomach, waist and arms.

Jezebel / Via
ID: 3395860

6. It’s pretty clear Mariah looks fabulous without any Photoshopping.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty
ID: 3395912

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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