19 Brutal Comebacks That Only Khloe Kardashian Can Get Away With

“I have your Vogue. I read it on the john.”

1. Khloe Kardashian knows how to put everyone in their place.

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2. Sometimes she’s sarcastic.

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3. Sometimes she’s subtle.

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4. Other times she’s a little more direct.

ID: 3698578

5. Really direct.

ID: 3697631

6. Really, really direct.

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7. She’s not afraid of the odd sexual innuendo.

ID: 3697618

8. Even if it’s aimed at her mother.

ID: 3697637

9. Because she’s always willing to direct the same insults at herself.

ID: 3697642

10. She’s always on hand to bring her family back down to earth.

ID: 3698592

11. And point out when they’re being a little OTT.

ID: 3698474

12. In fact, she’ll even make use of her sisters’ insults.

ID: 3697781

13. Sometimes she doesn’t even need to use words. Her facial expressions are enough.

ID: 3698618

14. She can always be counted on to get straight to the point.

ID: 3697974

15. Whether it’s to complain about her brother-in-law.

ID: 3698529

16. Her mother.

ID: 3697893

17. Or even herself.

ID: 3698269

18. But whoever she’s hitting back at, she always does it hilariously.

ID: 3697628

19. You’re the best, Khloe.

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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