Why You’re Going To See "Finding Nemo" In 3D

Even if you think you’re not. Need to justify spending money on a movie you’ve already seen? Then get in here!

So “Finding Nemo” 3D Is Coming Out This Weekend

And The Adult Part Of You Is Like, “Really Pixar?”

“Do We Really NEED “Finding Nemo” In 3D?”

But It’s Overwhelmed By Your Inner 8 Year Old


Because Being An Adult With Bills And Responsibilities Is Scary

Especially If You’re On Your Own

But When You Get Together With A Group Of Friends

And Buy Stale Over-Priced Popcorn

And Sit In A Dark Theater

Suddenly Everything Seems Better

So Cynical Haters To The Left

And Let’s All Go Pretend It’s 2003 For 100 Minutes This Weekend

Thanks, Nemo!

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