Stan Lee Turns 90, Terrible Photography Secret Revealed

Stan Lee, what are you doing?! As Buzzfeed looked back at Lee’s life, a dark truth emerged.

1. Stan Lee, born Stanley Martin Lieber, loved to smile in photos.

ID: 777310

2. Even at age 10, Lee (left) had an adorable grin.

ID: 777311

3. In 1942, he joined the Army to create manuals and slogans. And smile in his dapper uniform.

ID: 777312

4. By 1947, he married the beautiful Joan Clayton Boocock, another reason to smile.

ID: 777351

5. And settled down to work at Atlas Comics, or as it is now known, Marvel. Which was serious business.

ID: 777376

6. By 1968, Marvel was booming, as was Lee’s facial hair. The smile returned.

ID: 777394

7. And in 1975, the mustache had evolved into its trademark look, sans beard. However…

ID: 777316

8. 1975 was a dark year. The year Stan discovered…duck face.

ID: 777314

9. Now you can’t unsee it.

ID: 777318

10. It’s everywhere.

ID: 777317

11. But we forgive him because he also posed for photos like this.

ID: 777427

12. And this. Bless him.

ID: 777313

13. Happy birthday, Stan Lee!

ID: 777406

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