10 Classic Fandoms Imagined As Kids Will Warm Your Heart

They were all so young, so carefree, so not dead. Artist Patrick Ballesteros has a real knack for capturing the spirit of childhood on paper.

1. The cast of Firefly have a big damn imagination.

ID: 1745425

2. You shall not pass…while the Fellowship walks to school.

ID: 1745469

3. The Walking Dead cast trying to sneak out.

ID: 1745442

4. Harry Potter is totally getting on his school’s Magic team.

ID: 1745451

5. The cast of The Princess Bride love snow days.

ID: 1745439

6. These super girls are having a delightful afternoon tea.

ID: 1745449

7. The cast of Masters of the Universe representing the Class of ‘83.

ID: 1745462

8. Seven out of eight DC Villains get brain freeze from Slurpees.

ID: 1745452

9. It’s all fun and video games until someone gets rope burn.

ID: 1745464

10. Good thing the TARDIS is bigger on the inside.

ID: 1745454

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