30 Cartoon Animals You Totally Crushed On As A Kid

Childhood love knows no species. No judgment, just sexy nostalgia.

1. Let’s start off obvious. Beast was more attractive cursed.

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2. But he wasn’t the only crush-worthy object in Beauty and the Beast.

ID: 1087357

3. Lola Bunny kick-started puberty across America in Space Jam.

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4. Who didn’t love Tailspin’s Kit Cloudkicker?

He was a smart-aleck CLOUD SURFER! Cloud. Surfer. Your inner child is swooning.

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5. You crushed on one of these two gumshoes.

ID: 1087220

6. Or maybe you had a thing for scatterbrained super-intelligent mice.

ID: 1087201

7. Speaking of sexy rodents, remember Jake from Rescuers Down Under?


ID: 1087240

8. Did you prefer the dashing Sherlock Hound?

ID: 1087250

9. Or the stoic Goliath?

ID: 1087291

10. Speaking of stoic hotties, Bambi’s dad, you guys.

ID: 1087406

11. You totally understood why Max from A Goofy Movie was in love with Roxanne.

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12. Cheetara made unitards look damn fine.

ID: 1087447

13. Brak might not have been the best-looking guy, but a sense of humor is important in a fictional boyfriend.

ID: 1087395

14. You can say you didn’t love Buster or Babs Bunny (no relation…yet), but you’d be lying.

ID: 1087306

15. Young Simba, voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, was super-cute.

ID: 1087327

16. But he was even hotter as an adult.

ID: 1087332

17. Nala’s sex face confused a generation of pre-teen hormones.

ID: 1087686

18. OK, so lions are just sexy, I guess. Exhibit D: Kovu from The Lion King 2.

ID: 1087344

19. Every little girl wanted Robin Hood to be her boyfriend.

ID: 1087611

20. And every little boy wanted to marry Maid Marian.

ID: 1087634

21. He’s a Tramp, but we love him.

ID: 1087426

22. And the street-smart Dodger stole young hearts with Billy Joel’s voice.

ID: 1087421

23. But Cooler from Pound Puppies was the hottest dog of all.

ID: 1087664

24. Minerva Mink snuck a lot of sexual undertones into Animaniacs.

ID: 1087510

25. Which Chipette did you wish was your girlfriend?

ID: 1087544

26. Sexy centaurs in Fantasia were the first female nudity a lot of us saw. And we liked it.

ID: 1087487

27. Did you love O’Malley and Duchess from The Aristocats?

ID: 1087413

28. Or were your childhood crushes centered around Cats Don’t Dance stars Danny and Sawyer?

ID: 1087453

29. Even Paula Abdul was into animated animals.

ID: 1087389

30. And for some reason, this goldfish pinged our attraction radars.

ID: 1087682

Honorable Mention: Jack Skellington

While not animated, and technically human, he’s definitely one fine fictional man.

ID: 1087658

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