22 Times Stephen Colbert Was The Perfect Man

God Bless America.

1. When he made perhaps the ballsiest speech in human history.

Remember when Colbert totally roasted Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondent’s Dinner? All you need to do is look at the strained smiles and uncomfortable laughs of the audience to see it took cajones the size of Texas.

2. That time he totally creamed James Franco in a Tolkien showdown.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central


He famously even beat a Tolkien expert on the set of LOTR because his brain is just that big.


Watch the glorious video here.

3. When he mastered the alien language of Occupy Wall Street.

Comedy Central / Via thecolbertreport.cc.com

Watch him block female-bodied Ketchup here.

4. That time he bared his perfect chest and coquettish pout.

Comedy Central

5. Or when he saucily wrapped himself up in stars and stripes.

Comedy Central / Via relativelyfunny.com

6. The many times he has bravely fought bears to protect our freedom.

Comedy Central

And then found peace through love.

7. Every time he high-fives the under-the-table hand.

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com

8. Every time he’s willing to make himself look like an idiot to make a profound satirical point.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central


Which is very often.

9. When he coached John Kerry before his show out of character and showed just how personable he is.

“You’ve seen the show right? So you know I’m an idiot,” he says grinning. It’s really a tribute to him that we still don’t really know his political allegiances because he’s so cordial to the people he lampoons.

10. When Oprah interviewed him (also out of character) and you realized he’s just actually a chill, normal dude.

Oprah / Via oprah.com

Watch it here.

11. When, in the same Oprah interview, he and his wife made you realize he might actually be the best husband imaginable.

Oprah / Via oprah.com

Watch it here. Highlights include his wife always knowing when he comes into the house in character and an anecdote she tells about him playing trombone romantically outside her door.

12. When he made a tribute to Boston after the bombings that managed to be both funny and reverent.

Comedy Central / Via femininefreak.com

13. When he and Steve Carell sang the National Anthem in harmony and it was beautiful.

Or when they sang “Everybody’s Talking About Sully” at the Night of Too Many Stars in 2010.

14. Every time he, Steve Carell, and Jon Stewart express their total love for each other.

Even though they’re technically competitors, the three of them have always been genuinely ecstatic for one another when they progress in their respective careers, which is pretty damn heartwarming.

15. When he and Jimmy Fallon had this epic dance-off.

Comedy Central/ youtube.com

Comedy Central/ youtube.com


16. Or when he and Olivia Wilde had this act-off.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Comedy Central


17. When he and Joseph Gordon Levitt had this awkward exchange.

Comedy Central


Yea….leave the wit to the professionals JGL.

18. When he was young and ridiculously adorable.

David Downs


Like a cuter version of your college science professor.

19. When Daft Punk cancelled last minute and he hastily put together this epic, star-studded music video.

The really impressive thing here is that so many major celebrities were willing to take part it in because he’s such a righteous dude.

20. Every time he does his signature eyebrow raise or eyebrow dance.

Comedy Central/ mrwgifs.com


21. When he was chosen to take over “Late Night with David Letterman.”

CBS / Via tv.yahoo.com

Because he is the funniest, smartest comedian out there.

22. Every moment he speaks, thinks, lives, and breathes.

Comedy Central / Via underthemountainbunker.com

Thank you, Colbert, for being a shining beacon of perfection!

Comedy Central / Via vimeo.com

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