In Defense Of Otters

A rebuttal to claims that the puppies of the sea AKA otters, are the rudest creatures ever.

1. They know just how to apologize to those who they’ve wronged

ID: 884294

2. They really want you to have a great Valentine’s Day

ID: 884357

3. They make very proud parents

ID: 884375

4. They’re skilled musicians

ID: 884650

5. They’re understanding romantic partners

ID: 884381

6. And eager to share their love

ID: 884395

7. They love showing off their team spirit

ID: 884400

8. And make excellent athletes themselves

ID: 884436

9. They love to snuggle

ID: 884403

10. And share a quick kiss

ID: 884413

11. They’re even affectionate towards other animals

ID: 884416

12. They know how to have a little fun

ID: 884469

13. And want you to come join

ID: 884429

14. They hold hands when they sleep so their mate doesn’t float away

Sweetness is literally built into their survival tactics

ID: 884493

15. They’re genuinely humble

ID: 884475

16. But they know that haters are gonna hate

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