Otters Are The Rudest Creatures Ever

These sassy little river cats float downstream screaming slander about your mom.

1. Otters: the sassy broletariat of the animal kingdom.

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2. They miss every shot and never pass the ball.

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3. They never hang up in the grocery checkout line.

Via http://13/01/26/little-otter-thats-not-a-rock-youre-trying-to-eat-is-it/
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4. You will otterly regret inviting them to your house.

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5. They’ll bully your dog.

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6. And walk away with all your beers.

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7. They never appreciate your homecooking.

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8. Nor the gifts you buy them.

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9. Nor the cup-stacking game you invite them to play.

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11. Tell them about your awful day. See if they care.

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13. Spot them across the street–

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14. –and they’ll act like they don’t know you.

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15. Get into any argument with them and they’re like:

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16. So unchill of you, ott.

ID: 880663

17. Can’t bring you anywhere.

Comic by Ezra Butt.

ID: 878376

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