19 Reasons Why Lorde Is Worthy Of Her Name

Praise this girl. Because she’s great.

Seriously. She is the queen bee of tweeting.

In a world where the media and advertising continue to set an unrealistic standard of beauty, it’s refreshing to see this kind of attitude.

4. She doesn’t dumb herself down.

5. Her lyrics are wise beyond her years.

She wrote the majority of Pure Heroine when she was only 15!

6. She can rock out with the very best.

Here she is killing it at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Dave Grohl has said that she gives him hope for the future of pop music.

7. She’s got just the right amount of sass.

8. Her dance moves are wonderfully weird.

9. The signature “claw hand” is especially great.

Let’s just hope she can keep it in good shape.

10. She’s a proud feminist.

“I’m speaking for a bunch of girls when I say that the idea that feminism is completely natural and shouldn’t even be something that people find mildly surprising,” Lorde said in an interview.

Ya hear that, Shailene Woodley?

11. She preaches strength and independence.

“It’s so unhealthy for young girls to be listening to, you know: ‘I’m nothing without you,’” she said in an interview with Fader. “This sort of shirt-tugging, desperate, don’t leave me stuff. That’s not a good thing for young girls, even young people, to hear.”

12. She’s not afraid to ambush your date.

And she’ll do it with her famous friends.

15. And this.

Rob Kim / Getty

17. And amazing hair.

It’s unruly and magnificent and worthy of infinite hair flips.

18. She hasn’t let the fame and accolades go to her head.

CBS / Via onedio.com

19. That’s it. I’m starting the church of Ella Yelich-O’Connor.


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