21 Reasons You Should Be Happy You’re Not In A Relationship

Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

1. Because you can just do this instead:

“Love my babe so much!!!”

ID: 1123867

2. Or this:

ID: 1123837

3. Because photoshop is basically just as good:

ID: 1123828

It might even be better:

ID: 1123829

Much better:

ID: 1123830

4. And who knows, this guy could have the right idea:

ID: 1123816

5. This guy too:

ID: 1123817

6. Because on Facebook, you can fool everyone (or no one):

ID: 1123831

No one will ever know:

ID: 1123930


ID: 1123825

7. Because, honestly, do you really want to test the waters of online dating?

ID: 1123826

8. Do you really want that liberated?

ID: 1123913

9. Do you really want to unleash the animal?

ID: 1123901

10. Do you really want to find out if this answer is truthful?

ID: 1123918

11. Or if… this one is?

ID: 1123920

12. Plus, family members make great substitutes:

ID: 1123827

Or maybe actually really creepy substitutes:

ID: 1123832

Yeah, really creepy:

ID: 1123872

13. Do you want this to be you?

ID: 1124034

14. How about this?

ID: 1124331

15. Do you really want to look like this?

ID: 1124014

17. Or this?

ID: 1124019

18. OR THIS???

Lyfe Photography / Via Flickr: lyfephotography
ID: 1124333


ID: 1124021

20. OR THIS?!?!?!

ID: 1124334

21. And do you want to be one of THESE people???

ID: 1124207

Everyday this looks better and better:

ID: 1123960

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