What Would Dogs Look Like With Eyebrows?

This is VERY important.

1. Would they look like this?

ID: 371540

2. Or this?

ID: 371872

3. Or would they just look sad all the time?

ID: 371630

5. Would they look like this guy?

ID: 371612

6. Or like they had eaten some “special” dog food?

ID: 371614

7. Maybe they would look like this?

ID: 371503

8. Or like this?

ID: 371623

9. Or like Eugene Levy?

ID: 371642

13. Could they look like this?

ID: 371730

15. Or this?

ID: 371731

17. Would they would have the “model look” like this?

ID: 371848

20. Or would that make them sad (again)?

One more time.

ID: 371936

21. In conclusion…

ID: 371850

22. …they would totally look like Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

ID: 371863

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