24 Pictures That Show Exactly What True Love Looks Like

Get ready to cry.

1. True love means finding the things you have in common.

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2. It means sending a racy pic from time to time.

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3. And it means finding that special connection only you two have.

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4. It means 6 a.m. texts.

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5. It means getting a little crazy, if you’re comfortable.

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6. It means leaving little, heartfelt gifts wherever you can.

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7. It means asking the tough questions, and giving even tougher answers.

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8. It means knowing EXACTLY what to say at the right time.

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9. It means seeing your loved one in everything you do.

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10. It means longing to be together.

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11. True love means a compliment from time to time.

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12. It means sharing your favorite things.

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13. And it means something related to burritos. I don’t know yet, just trust me on this.

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14. True love means saying good morning every chance you get.

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15. It means finding and sharing those little special moments in life.

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16. It means spicing things up from time to time.

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17. But it also means being honest and open with each other.

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18. And asking questions you might not want to know the answer to.

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19. It means letting them know they’re the only one.

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20. And making up cute little pet names for each other.

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21. It means late-night heart-to-hearts.

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22. And it means supporting each other no matter what.

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23. It means taking a page out of Cheyenne’s notebook, dollards be damned.

ID: 3506411

24. And it means being a bit corny with each other.

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And if you ever doubt that love exists, just take a look at Philmore and Sarah here:

Love is real, real is love.

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