23 Ways To Get Back At All Your Friends

Have you been personally victimized by one of your friends recently? It’s time to get even.

1. Get them while they eat:

ID: 1225053

2. Get them while they work:

ID: 1224639

3. Get them while they shower:

ID: 1224648

4. Get them while they get ready in the morning:

ID: 1224677

5. Get them with a beet:

ID: 1224999

6. Get them while they’re sleeping:

ID: 1224658

7. Get them with some “cream” filled donuts:

ID: 1225003

8. Get them when they wake up:

ID: 1224655

9. Get them by glueing their shoes to the ground:

ID: 1224686

10. Get them when they put on deodorant:

ID: 1224992

11. Get them after a shower:

ID: 1224843

12. Get them with a candy “apple”:

ID: 1225088

13. Get them with a fake mouse while they work out:

ID: 1224872

14. Get them when they try to freshen up:

ID: 1224990

15. Get them at their most vulnerable point, when they’re eating Oreos:

ID: 1224993

16. Get them in the middle of a bathroom break:

ID: 1225000

17. Get them when they come home:

ID: 1224994

18. Get them when they try to wash their hands:

ID: 1224995

19. Get them in the kitchen:

ID: 1224997

20. Get them with fake candy:

ID: 1225001

21. Get them during an arm wrestling match:

ID: 1224670

22. Get them with a fake door handle:

ID: 1225002

23. Or just get them with the classic “shake an invisible shaker of salt” trick:

ID: 1225005

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