28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

Here we go again.

1. Ryan and his history lesson:

ID: 3692286

2. The owner of a meat oak ass:

ID: 3692300

3. Laura and her conspiracy theories:

ID: 3692689

4. Jack and his hard-hitting questions:

ID: 3692316

5. This guy:

ID: 3692948

6. This person who should probably have her phone confiscated:

ID: 3692750

7. Jamie and his tech hacks:

ID: 3692768

8. This person who has clearly never seen earplugs:

ID: 3692946

9. The creator of the #FlamingYoung hashtag:

ID: 3692941

10. Eric and his astute observations:

ID: 3692317

11. This lizard person:

ID: 3692947

12. The architect behind the Flute Swimming Pool:

ID: 3692294

13. This person unfamiliar with how pickles work:

ID: 3692942

14. Shelby:

ID: 3692662

15. This cook:

ID: 3700058

16. These people who have never seen a corkscrew before:

ID: 3692290

17. The last person you’d expect to use the #smart hashtag:

ID: 3692304

18. Pretty much everyone involved in this thread:

ID: 3692306

19. The owner of the world’s best/worst selfie:

ID: 3692703

20. This person who hopefully didn’t swallow:

ID: 3692940

21. This navigator:

ID: 3692320

22. This person and their deep, philosophical questions:

ID: 3692938

23. The proud owner of some “chef hat” nails:

ID: 3692949

24. The world’s worst twin:

ID: 3716766

25. Slay asking the important questions:

ID: 3692326

26. This person who knows a lot more about the Earth’s crust than we all do:

ID: 3692945

27. This person who should not be allowed near a computer:

ID: 3692939

28. And, of course, Andy:

So close, yet so far.

ID: 3692327

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