35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

Everything is NOT terrible.

1. This picture of a person leaving the other customers a little extra gift.

ID: 2013043

2. And this one of an employee going out of his way to help.

ID: 2013042

3. When this person gave his bike away to a little kid.

ID: 2013044

Best. Reaction. Ever.

ID: 2014411

4. And this person put this outside their house on a particularly hot day.

ID: 2013010

5. When these people put this up in front of their launderette.

ID: 2013988

6. And this little kid invented a new form of currency.

“FREE. With a smile.”

ID: 2013020

7. When this person got the nicest delivery ever.

ID: 2013032

8. And this person decided that no cat should have to get wet.

ID: 2013013

9. Dan and his coffee runs.

ID: 2013036

10. This note from a little kid.

ID: 2013294

11. The motorcyclist that helped out a woman in need.

ID: 2013009

12. When this cop helped a driver who was out of gas.

ID: 2013014

13. And when Caine had his dream come true.

ID: 2013017

14. When this person realized that cute spider drawings solve all problems.

ID: 2013019

15. And when these kids realized the value of random acts of kindness at a young age.

ID: 2013028

16. This candid shot of the cutest couple.

ID: 2013080

17. And this photo of this hero.

ID: 2013034

18. This new friend’s note.

ID: 2013033

19. This photo of a family’s dream come true.

ID: 2013012

20. Rob and his entourage.

Improv Everywhere / Via improveverywhere.com
ID: 2013018

21. The greatest security guard in the world.

ID: 2013016

22. The guy who made a little kid’s gaming day.

ID: 2013026

23. And the partygoers that saved the day.

ID: 2013027

24. The best mechanic around.

ID: 2013029

25. This note from a developmentally disabled man who was just looking out for his favorite animal.

ID: 2013082

26. The picture of the nicest Marine in existence.

ID: 2013030

27. This kid’s lunchtime routine.

ID: 2013037

28. These pictures of Ahmad and Fatima, a young married couple who, despite Ahmad having no arms and Fatima having no legs, take care of each other.

ID: 2013297

29. The picture of a car that was transformed into the best toy ever.

ID: 2013039

30. These soldiers.

ID: 2013041

31. Nate’s dad’s note.


I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six. I’ve loved you since you were born.

P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.”

ID: 2013295

32. This photo of the nicest Rollerblader ever.

ID: 2013038

33. This optimistic little girl’s worldview.

ID: 2013296

34. This picture of two football players who didn’t want this student to eat alone.

ID: 2013081

35. And these two little kids who just met for the first time.

Demonstrating how we should all greet each other.

ID: 2013104

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