The 33 Most Cringeworthy Things That Have Ever Happened

This is going to hurt.

1. The Skittles Family’s Christmas portrait:

2. This next-level misspelling:

3. The life and times of White Chocolate:

4. These very well-timed tattoos:

5. This steamy Facebook conversation:

6. The best boyfriend perk ever:

7. The most ’90s glamour shot ever taken:

8. This man’s deep, dark secret:

9. This heartwarming tale of lust, love, and betrayal:

10. This philosopher’s thesis:

11. Any and every dress made out of cheese:

12. This incredibly important anniversary:

13. These two eligible bachelors on the prowl:

14. The loneliest high five ever:

15. Some good ol’-fashioned dad flirtin’:

16. These future cartographers hard at work:

17. This bit of oversharing:

18. The ultimate car decal:

19. This unfortunate spelling error:

20. The Fucking Killas hard at work:

21. Any picture with the tagline “my face when I’m moaning”:

23. This very informative tattoo:

24. The question on everyone’s mind:

25. This man’s special talent:

26. The world’s very first dad-zoning:

27. This badass manifesto:

28. And this badass profile pic:

29. The world’s worst email address:

30. The man with the infinite six-pack that transcends our earthly boundaries of six-packs:

31. The smoothest come-on ever:

32. This huge oversight:

33. And, of course, the time Ryan Seacrest tried to high-five a blind guy:

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