The 21 Dumbest Ideas In The History Of Humankind

Ah, natural selection.

1. Car surfing between two cars:

ID: 1289433

2. Attempting to take flight on a scooter:

ID: 1289483

3. Taking a new Facebook photo in the subway tracks:

ID: 1289491

4. Lighting any part of the body on fire, especially the groin:

ID: 1290892

5. Surfing anywhere outside a body of water:

ID: 1289493

6. Jumping off roofs, in general:

ID: 1290060

7. Having a wedding ceremony during high tide:

ID: 1289503

8. Pencil diving into a frozen river:

ID: 1289506

9. Taking a shortcut in a convenience store:

ID: 1289552

10. Trust falls, in general:

ID: 1289568

11. Juggling things you just set on fire next to a particularly flammable friend:

ID: 1289574

12. Taking a very popular, yet very dangerous gun selfie:

ID: 1290714

13. Closing your eyes in the grocery store:

ID: 1289656

14. Using chairs as hurdles:

ID: 1289941

15. Trying to set a new fence-balancing world record:

ID: 1289959

16. Playing baseball with a television:

ID: 1290484

17. Performing a dance routine with a television as your partner:

ID: 1290616

18. Passing a basketball with a row of bricks:

ID: 1290619

19. Testing how strong a pane of glass is by running into it:

ID: 1290624

20. Doing the “Gangam Style” dance on a fragile table:

ID: 1290626

21. And everything having to do with sticks:

ID: 1290910

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