The 19 Drunkest People Of All Time

Never drinking again.

1. The guy who invented a new way of using the stairs:

ID: 1003060

2. Or the man who found a way to never use the stairs again:

ID: 1002976

3. The worst Santa Claus ever:

ID: 1002996

4. The future (let’s say 2017) limbo champ:

ID: 1003006

5. The man who had his dog take him for a nice walk:

ID: 1003001

6. The man who will have a personal vendetta against doors for the rest of his life:

ID: 1003017

7. And the young man who will never wear pants again:

ID: 1003040

8. This lady, who is also the greatest thing that has ever happened to local news:

ID: 1003053

9. The man who set the record for fastest DUI test fail of all time:

ID: 1003076

10. And the man who set the record for the closest call of all time:

ID: 1003114

11. The young lady who forgot that the goal is actually to go UPSTAIRS, not OVERSTAIRS:

ID: 1003036

12. The man who thinks he’s a monorail:

ID: 1003126

13. The man whose attempts to bring roof surfing into the mainstream were ultimately in vain:

ID: 1003174

14. Santa Claus, again:

ID: 1003080

15. The two newest members of the Society For People Against Escalators:

ID: 1003121

17. And the newest member of the Society For People Against Poles That Are Right In Front Of Your Face:

ID: 1003148

18. The lady that will never sit the same way again:

ID: 1003228

19. And the man who lost the battle against a fan:

ID: 1002985

And also his own feet:

ID: 1002991

And actually pretty much everything else in this store:

ID: 1002964

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