27 Perfect Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text

You have a pen? Some papes? Good, write these down. posted on

1. The Animal:

3. The Patrick:

4. The Michael Cera’s Mustache:

5. The Titanic:

7. The Party:

8. The Show A L’il Nip:

9. The Coach:

10. The Ham Sandwich:

11. The Photoshop:

12. The 14 Year Old:

13. The Urkel:

14. The Sextant:

16. The Sloth:

17. The Canadian:

18. The Maybe It’s Better To Say Nothing:

19. The Grill:

20. The Nugget:

21. The No Right Answer:

22. The Green Bean:

23. The Let Them Down Easy:

24. The Mimic:

25. The Aaron’s Party:

26. The Cat Facts:

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