The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To Lorde

Lorde’s great. And the internet’s reaction to her overnight success is even better.

1. There were rulers:

ID: 1950247

2. And there was tinfoil:

ID: 1949428

3. And potatoes:

ID: 1949302

4. There was liberty and justice for all:

ID: 1949311

5. And there was Lorde Farquaad:

ID: 1949312

6. There was one ring to rule them all:

ID: 1949320

7. And plenty of toys:

ID: 1949430

8. Lorde became Lorde of the flies:

ID: 1949848

9. And Lorde Voldemort:

ID: 1949314

10. And also Sheen’s favorite toy, Ultra Lorde:

ID: 1949972

11. And also our cooler:

ID: 1950030

12. And also a bee:

ID: 1950059

13. She upset characters in the Princess Diaries:

ID: 1949336

14. Became Wailorde:

ID: 1949313

15. Starred in a blockbuster movie:

ID: 1950045

16. But mostly there were just rulers:

ID: 1949975

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