25 Text Messages You Never Want To Get

This is why it’s a good idea to always stay on airplane mode.

2. A lump of colon:

3. An unsolicited mirror pic:

4. A “getting ready” pic:

5. Something you might not want:

6. A picture below the belt:

7. Todd’s secret fantasy:

9. Some sextants:

10. Moth murders:

11. A Weiner pic:

12. JD’s headshot:

13. Love notes from your car dealer:

14. Unsolicited groping pictures:

16. Pictures of some dude in front of a door:

17. A reminder of the party you’re not invited to:

19. A brokenhearted text:

20. Your mom’s finger:

21. An unsolicited sideways shirtless pic:

22. Something like this:

23. Your mom making fun of your current relationship status:

25. And anything closely resembling this:

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