23 Reasons Why May Is Going To Be The Best Month Ever

It just is! It’s science.

1. Because now you know how to properly eat a cupcake:

ID: 264763

2. And chocolate if you’re a bird:

ID: 264719

3. The weather won’t be this frightening:

ID: 264709

But instead more like this:

ID: 264722

4. This won’t happen to you:

ID: 264713

Or this:

ID: 264714

Especially not this:

ID: 264716

5. Because you’re not a dad at a Justin Bieber concert:

ID: 264718

6. Because everything will go smoothly:

ID: 264729

7. And you’ll have complete control:

ID: 264830

8. And even if you don’t, don’t worry about it:

ID: 264725

9. Because things won’t be this complicated:

ID: 264744

10. They’ll be simple:

ID: 264747

11. Because every time you peel a fruit it will work out perfectly:

ID: 264723

12. Because you aren’t under as much pressure as Josh:

Unless you are Josh, then don’t let us down.

ID: 264711

13. Because school is finally out:

ID: 264785

14. Because everyday can be parachute day in gym class if you want it to be:

ID: 264754

15. Because you’ll take the month by storm:

ID: 264829

16. And assert yourself:

ID: 264831

17. So get dressed:

ID: 264760

18. Get focused:

ID: 264758

19. And be thankful for what you have:

ID: 264762

20. Now sit down and relax:

ID: 264742

21. Look at this baby sloth:

ID: 265598

22. And don’t sweat the small stuff:

ID: 264954

23. Because…

ID: 264878

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