21 Reasons Why Old People Are The Best People On The Internet

We can all only hope to be as old and great as these old and great people.

1. If you’re lost, they can help you find your way:

ID: 2350507

2. They stand up for themselves:

ID: 2350475

3. They really know their priorities:

ID: 2350481

4. And they won’t change their opinions for ANYONE:

ID: 2350503

5. They aren’t afraid to be seductive:

ID: 2350506

6. They type how they FEEL:

ID: 2350478

7. And they aren’t afraid to make groundbreaking art:

ID: 2350492

8. They have the best activities:

ID: 2350476

9. They’re here for you:

ID: 2350480

10. And they always want to hang out:

ID: 2350499

11. They don’t take BS from anyone:

ID: 2350504

12. And they appreciate the little things in life:

ID: 2350500

13. They are so kind to restaurants:

ID: 2350486

14. And they have no idea that you can’t google things on Facebook:

ID: 2350477

15. They’ll support you through thick and thin:

ID: 2350485

16. And they’re persistent:

ID: 2350505

17. They know the best way to use the internet:

ID: 2350491

19. They’re aren’t afraid to give a little TMI:

ID: 2350493

20. Or way too much TMI. That’s too much too much information:

ID: 2350495

21. And, most importantly, they know if they don’t have anything to say, they should just keep quiet:

We could all learn something from Maxine.

ID: 2350479

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