23 Reasons Why Kids Are The Meanest People In The World

In the best possible way.

1. They’re pushy:

ID: 2513612

2. And they aren’t too sympathetic:

ID: 2513618

3. … Not at all:

ID: 2513625

4. They call you out on your “relaxation techniques”:

ID: 2513564

5. And they’re always trying to get your hard-earned cash:

ID: 2513583

6. They’re a little too wise:

ID: 2513585

7. And way too overprotective:

ID: 2513588

8. They’re freeloaders and THEY KNOW IT:

ID: 2513597

9. And they’re brutally honest:

ID: 2513599

10. Way too honest:

ID: 2513608

11. They think cows are an appropriate way to measure affection… THEY’RE NOT:

ID: 2513567

12. They’re always hatching schemes:

ID: 2513605

13. And they won’t let you relax all day:

ID: 2513623

14. Or watch Ellen all day:

ID: 2513635

15. They have an insatiable appetite for revenge:

ID: 2513631

16. And they know just what you’re insecure about:

ID: 2513636

17. They’re not afraid to toss around threats:

ID: 2513643

18. And they’re an eency bit stubborn:

ID: 2513642

19. They love to make you feel bad:

ID: 2513649

20. And they’re not afraid to tell it like it is:

ID: 2513651

21. They’re always putting out ultimatums:

ID: 2513653

22. And always pulling out the “bucket of tears” card:

ID: 2513665

23. But, in the end, it’s probably because they’ve got bigger plans… Much bigger plans:

ID: 2513594

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