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34 Behind The Scenes Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At Classic Movies

No going back.

1. Darth Maul directing his latest short film:

2. Bane and Batman sharing a chuckle:

3. The boys hangin’ out before disposing of Marvin’s body:

4. Jack Torrance having a little dance:

5. Even a cannibal enjoys a french fry from time to time:

6. Napoleon Dynamite taking a selfie:

7. The Titanic getting ready to sink:

8. The cast of Les Misérables enjoying some hot coffee:

9. Dumbledore having a heart-to-heart with Voldemort:

10. Jack Nicholson resting comfortably before his character dies:

11. Best buddies:

12. What’s inside The Beast in Sandlot:

13. The location of the finale of Inception doesn’t look so cold:

14. Neither does where the end of Deathly Hallows took place:

15. Before finding the holy grail, it’s best to get some soccer in:

16. Johnny Depp enjoying a squirt gun fight and a blunt before heading back to Sleepy Hollow:

17. Yoda getting a bit of a tune-up:

18. The water the Titanic sank in doesn’t look so bad:

19. A serial killer’s preferred beverage is an ice cold soda:

20. The fellowship could have reached Mount Doom much faster if they had a helicopter:

21. And Gandalf would’ve been much more comfortable with an umbrella:

22. And Luke much more relaxed with a cold one:

23. Alien doesn’t look so scary now, does it?

24. Jaws’ mouth looks like a great place to take a rest:

25. It all makes sense now…

26. The Hulk sure looks strange:

27. Freddy just casually hangin’:

28. The Hound hangin’ out with no makeup or beard:

29. Even a witch needs to check her email:

30. Russia sure looks tiny in Goldeneye:

31. Who knew the Deloreon was so small:

32. Taking a stroll:

33. Bill Murray exploring the world of Fantastic Mr. Fox:

34. Just remember, even the most terrifying character in the world has to get his make-up done:

All pictures via Movies In The Making.

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