23 Pictures That Prove Society Is Doomed


1. This picture of old friends reminiscing about the good old days over a delicious brunch:

ID: 1285265

2. This adorable picture of star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time:

ID: 1285277

3. This picture of graduating seniors leaving high school for the last time, finally free from the shackles of standardized education:

ID: 1285291

4. This inspiring picture of fans rooting for their team at the big game:

ID: 1285279

5. This picture of friends enjoying a delicious Brooklyn pizza:

ID: 1285608

6. This picture of a wonderful family giving thanks for all their blessings at Thanksgiving dinner:

ID: 1285546

7. This picture of best friends heading off on a life-changing road trip across the continental United States:

ID: 1285278

8. This picture of teens enjoying their last summer vacation, one that will no doubt change their lives:

ID: 1285281

9. This picture of friends discussing the intricacies of love, life, and everything in between over fine wine:

ID: 1285282

10. This heart-wrenching picture of brother and sister reuniting after a decade apart:

ID: 1285284

11. This picture of museumgoers seeing the beautiful paintings of Thomas Cole for the first time, the sort of paintings that bring a tear to one’s eye:

ID: 1285283

12. This picture of friends getting a little wild while tailgating at the ‘Niners game:

ID: 1285287

13. This picture of eager moviegoers itching to see this summer’s hottest blockbuster:

ID: 1285276

14. This picture of a friendly teen capturing a moment he never wanted to forget:

ID: 1285728

15. This picture of friends getting a bit wild at a birthday party:

ID: 1285280

16. This heartwarming picture taken mere seconds before the man on the right proposed to his girlfriend:

ID: 1285457

17. This picture of a nice young lady taking a new photo for her United States passport:

ID: 1285699

18. This picture showing young love in its purest, simplest form:

ID: 1285490

19. This picture of the girls watching the exciting conclusion of Pretty Little Liars:

And eating eggs, apparently.

ID: 1285545

20. This picture of best friends enjoying a delicious burger and a coffee:

ID: 1285553

21. This touching photo showing the difficulty — and the reward — of parenthood:

ID: 1286181

22. This picture of a young man viewing the sunset the way it was meant to be viewed — through a tiny screen:

ID: 1285702

23. And this adorable photo of a baby logging into her very first social network account:

ID: 1285586

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